What Are Your Capsules Made Of?

Our capsules are vegan capsules made from cellulose, derived naturally from softwood trees, also known as Hypromellose (HPMC). 

They’re non-toxic, organic-friendly, vegan, kosher, halal, and non-GMO. We feel these capsules are the best and cleanest capsules currently available. We choose not to use gelatin capsules because they are not vegan and can be problematic for health. We also choose not to use tapioca capsules, as they are made with fermented tapioca, and many of our customers don’t want to consume fermented foods. We know that fermented ingredients can cause problems for people. While Vimergy capsules are always free of gelatin or any other animal products, they still have a premium gelatin-like dissolution performance. They also have physically stable polymer, which makes them resistant to stringent heat and humidity conditions. Lastly, they have a low-moisture content suitable for moisture-sensitive ingredients.

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