How Long Does It Take To Ship?


Customers on the West Coast generally receive their orders within 1-2 business days, while the East Coast can take up to 3-5 business days. For example, if you purchased 2-Day Air for your shipping option, and ordered Wed night, we would ship out the next business day which is Thursday. Friday is day one, and Monday would be day two.


International orders can take 1-3 weeks or more, depending on the country. We ship the next business day, but then the package has to ship to your country and go through customs. This process is different for every country. Some packages clear customs in a day or two, while others take weeks. After it clears customs, it then has to ship to your local post office, then finally to your house. Please be patient if you are shipping to a country that is known for customs delays or a slow postal service. Also note, some items are not able to be imported into specific countries. Please research your country's laws before ordering.

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