Do You Have A Subscription Program?

Yes, when you sign up for our Sign up + Save subscription program you're automatically enrolled in our regular auto-ship service wherein you will receive a new order for your selected product, according to the time you select. (see example below) Plus, you'll also receive 5% Off each subscription item!

Are Kits or bundles eligible for Sign up +Save?

This service is for individual items only, not kits. Also some promotions may not be stackable with subscriptions. If you wish to order during one of our promotions, we can always adjust the subscription schedule.

What frequency options do I have for my subscription?

Initially, when you enroll to have your favorite products shipped on a subscription, you can choose the delivery frequency every:

  • 14 days
  • 30 days
  • 60 days

Once the subscription is set up - the frequency may be set to whatever frequency you would like. We can adjust for you if you are not seeing your preferring option in the system.

What if I change my mind or don't need the subscription?

You can cancel, skip, or adjust your future subscription at any time.  A reminder email is sent 4 days in advance of the subscription scheduled date. You may cancel, skip, or adjust the subscription processing date up to the day before the subscription charge date.

How do I make edits to my Sign up + Save account?

You may access your subscriptions and make edits once you login - select Manage Subscriptions under Account.

You may also call or email customer service up to the day before the subscription processing date, we are happy to assist in editing. We are here for you!

Note: This Sign up + Save service is for customers shipping to a US address only.

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Example of selecting Sign up + Save on the website. By default it will select 14 days. You may select 14, 30, or 60 days. Once the subscription is set up, you may edit or cancel at anytime. Our Customer Service team is also available to assist in any edits needed.

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