Do you offer Gift Cards?

We offer Gift Cards on our website. You may purchase online or via phone. Once you place the order, the gift card is sent via email to the email address tied to your account. You may then email or print the gift card with the code and give it to your recipient. 

Note: Only valid for orders shipping to a US address only.

Here is a link to view the options.

What if I want the gift card to be emailed to my friend directly?

We do not have the ability to override this, however if you want the original email sent directly to your friend vs. forwarding below are the options we can offer:

If you have already purchased a gift card and it has not been used:

I can cancel the gift card and create a new one using her email address.  It would not show tied to your order history, however I can provide a receipt and your friend would get the secure email with the code.

If you have not purchased yet:

A. Phone order:

We can process a phone order and use your friend's email address as the email for the gift card profile.

B. Online order

You can make a purchase online, using their email address. You can use her shipping address if you would like and your billing address for receipt purposes. After the transaction has been placed and confirmed, we can look up the order and email you a receipt as well if you would like. Otherwise any system emails are sent to the email address tied the order.

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