Organic Milk Thistle

What makes this product different?

Vimergy Organic Milk Thistle 20:1 Liquid Extract provides you with 2200mg Herbal Equivalency of milk thistle in each serving. Milk thistle is known for its ability to support liver health specifically.

How do I use this product?

As a dietary supplement, take 2 droppers (2mL, 44-48 drops) once a day in water or juice.

Where does this product come from?

All of our products are manufactured in the USA and Canada.

When is the best time to take the Milk Thistle? 

Any time of day is fine.

How does it taste? 

Milk thistle is a naturally bitter herb. Vimergy Milk Thistle uses a hint of Organic Apple Juice, Organic Mulberry Extract, and Organic Lemon Juice to add additional nutrients and a better flavor.

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